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Graveurmeister Erich Friedrich Engraving master E. Friedrich, born 1953 in Vachdorf/Thüringen

My professional education started with the apprenticeship to arms-engraver at the weapon manufactory Merkel, Suhl, in 1969.

Love to nature and the contact with hunters did evoke my interest in local flora and fauna. Many sketches and drawings resulted from my trials to interprete artistically my impressions. My father, being employed in the arms production, led me to the art of weapon engraving.
I got fascinated by the beauty of engravings of the old masters making them an ideal for my further professional development. My broad spectrum is the result of this.

The intense identification with my profession led me to further qualification as a master at the weapon manufactory Suhl. An further education to an craftsman master I could finish successfully in 1993. In 1994 I founded my own manufactory in Suhl.

From the complete artistic design of the engraving of a piece of arms till the exclusive manufacturing of one I always hold the highest esteem in creating an highly worthy individual engraving following the customers ideas. Worldwide known factories like Fa. Balser arms manufactory GmbH, Sauer and sons GmbH and private customers are among my clients.